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This is my first time hiring a male entertainer. How does it work?

We make it extremely easy to hire one of our professional male dancers.

Step 1: choose the dancer you wish to hire, each photo is numbered.

Step 2 : Call us at (213) 277-9995 or email us and let us know that your interested in booking one of our dancers. Give us the number on the photo. 

Step 3 : We will return your call or email  to discuss availability of the dancer your chose .

Step 4: After deciding on a dancer an initial  deposit will be paid to to lock in the entertainer for your date.

Step 5 : ENJOY!!!!

How much are your entertainers?

Please refer to male stripper prices page here.


How far ahead of time should I book an entertainer?

We recommend booking as far in advance as you can. 1-3 weeks is a good time frame.


The customary tipping rate for a male entertainer is $200 which is in addition to the booking fee. As an example for a party of 10 women that would just equate to $20 per woman. It is your duty as the host of the party to inform the women in advance about this.

Do you travel? How does this work?

We do charge per mile outside of our working cities. We charge $1.25 per mile from downtown to your zip code. For exact rates please contact us at 213-277-9995

Touching allowed?

This is entirely up the entertainer. Please ask him ahead of time before the show begins.

Male Revue Information

To hire us for a male revue booking contact us here.

For all other questions please contact us at 213-277-9995 We are available anytime.